Tamil famous blogger Neena Kumar Biography #Nstreetfashion

 Tamil famous blogger Neena Kumar Biography.

Nstreetfashion Chennai based fashion blogger. Which owner is Neena Kumar. Who is from Chennai.

Neena Kumar

She was born to a Telugu family. her Telugu father and a malayali mother from wayanad. She was brought up in Chennai,Tamil Nadu. .Despite her regional back ground, she call herself a Tamilan.

 She always wanted to study and pursue a career in fashion but ended up doing engineering (electronics and telecommunication ). Now she is a full time fashion blogger /influencer.


After her graduation ,she took a small break. During this time, she used read a lot of fashion blogs and follow a lot of fashion videos on you tube which motivated her to start her own fashion blog Nstreetfashion.

Her blog was just a hobby in the beginning .It was a creative outlet where she  share her style and tips on fashion and now its a part of me and she recognised as Nstreetfashion than her own name Neena Kumar . 

"Nstreetfashion" as the name says its all about street fashion. She started her blog in 2014 .  Her blog Nstreetfashion is a platform which showcased her personal style and the latest trend/tips in vogue .

Her personal style is a combination of edgy, powerful and at times girly .her style keeps changing according to her mood. If you follow her blog , you can see different styles and versatile . 

She also love sarees and have a huge collection .Off late she has started showcasing her saree collection in the blog.


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